Open Access week event at SAUT and CUHAS Mwanza Tanzania

The Consortium of Tanzania University and Research Libraries (COTUL) is planning to host a national OA week events in Mwanza on 30th October (a bit delayed due to unavoidable circumstances).  The event will involve two parallel public lectures one at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) and the other at the Catholic University of health and allied sciences (CUHAS).  At SAUT we expect to have Lecturers, Librarians  and researchers from different part of Tanzania are expected to attend  while at CUHAS, Lecturers, Doctors and Medical students from CUHAS are expected to  attend. The CUHAS event has been organized by Medical Student association of Tanzania (TAMSA). See the event poster

In total we anticipate to sensitize over 200 academic staff and students.

We have actually started promoting the event using different materials including posters, brochures etc. We thank EIFL for their support and encouragement for making this happen. We’ll post more information as we go on.

For more information on COTUL blog at also at opeen access week site at and at EIFL Website at

For more information contact


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